Friday, May 23, 2008

School's OUT!

Officially, yesterday was the last day of school. Fortunately for me, the girls were actually already done and both earned Honor Roll status. Way to go girls! It started yesterday, but we had a freak storm come through in the driest month in AZ. The kids had a ball wearing swim suits and playing in the rain. (It's 70' today, but was only 58' when I snapped these pictures.)

I also thought an update on the bunnies was in order. We are down to only 4, but we've named them now and hopefully these will all live. This is Forest. He is our "PorkChop" this batch around:

This is Sage:

This is Poppy (Petunia's Look alike and again a runt):

This is Thumper. He literally kicks and jumps like crazy when you pick him up!
And our little tailless, earless Petunia. She is so sweet!

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