Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wyatt's Christmas List

Wyatt is just in love with Christmas. . . or rather the idea of getting everything he wants! On his list so far;
  • Flying Shoes
  • Remote Control Plane, Car, Space Ship, Helicopter
  • Bow and Arrow with REAL Quiver
  • Sticky Gun
  • Snow Board
  • etc., etc.,
He has made a drawing of each and every item AND a letter to Santa. He does not want to be forgotten!!! He's making my holidays bright, but I am a bit worried about how he'll react to not getting all of his wants met! :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

All the Bears Came Out Tonight. . .

but it's not a Teddy Bear Picnic! Last night was our Ward Fall Festival (Halloween Party). We're new to this ward but one of the amazing truths about the church is that no matter where you live or where you go it always feels like "home."
Dawn and Bennett came to join us! My surrogate "sis", I love her!
Bennie's first Halloween! What a sweet giraffe!
These Sister Missionaries ROCK! They are "Nerds" for Halloween, but I assure you there is nothing nerdy about them!
Don't let Jessica's frail figure fool you. She polished off both dogs!
Grandma popped in to see us before she went to work!
I think I need one of these at home!
Wyatt Earp
The Cowboy Dudes!
Walker Texas Ranger!