Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Bug Friend

Today Mikensee took her semester History test. She was fairly disappointed that it took her a long time and she still had to retake the exam needing at least 2 more points than she received. Basically less than 80% didn't quite cut it. Mucy to mom's dismay she is doing the very minimum number of lessons each day so that she will have school work each day until the last day of school on May 22nd. She could chunk some lessons and be done much sooner (like this week), but she won't.


Wyatt spent some time today playing with miscellaneous game pieces. This is his bug friend. He's quite cute when he tells you about it. Mom personally thinks that it's quite ingenious. He does exhibit quite a few artsy tendencies and has loads of patience for fine motor skill activities.


Jessica took her final math exam today and also finished her phonics work for the year. She only has to concquer 6 science and 7 history lessons and she's done with first grade! (Mom can hardly wait!!!)

We did Pilates today. Pilates are Mikensee's favorites. Walker complains because it makes his legs hurt and Wyatt says his arms just can't do it. Mom just loves that she can bribe them with a popsicle and they do it anyway.

Mike and the boys are busily preparing for their Father/Son campout this week. Mom is very nervous as it is only the second time she will have been away from the boys all night. Last time Mom told dad if anything happened to her boys he better not come home. She still feels the exact same way.
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