Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, I'm Lovin' It

Yep, McDonald's! Thursdays are Piano lesson days and as a result the kids get fast food once a week. Why they always pick McDonald's is beyond me, but they do. Today was free Chicken Sandwich Day. It cost me $15 for those free sandwiches, but I guess it's better than the usual $21 we spend. (You had to buy medium or large drinks for every "free" sandwich and we can't go without fry's!) I love that in these pictures it looks like we live somewhere exotic. I guess to some Arizona is exotic. Mom got to go with Grandma for their Mother's Day Massage and oh what a treat that was! We had another litter of bunnies today. . . 7 to be exact! Sadly we lost Pork Chop to an over-night escape. Somehow he ended up in the swimming pool. It was tragic to find him that way. Amazingly, 1 was lost, 7 were gained. . . It made the pain a little easier to take.

We also ran a quick trip to Old Navy where Wyatt found this really cool jacket that he really wanted to go home in:

And Walker found the .25 cent Bouncy Ball Machine. Here he is trying to convince me to give him a quarter. What would you have done? Yes, I caved. It also got the jacket off Wyatt and he was very proud of the bouncy ball trade-off.

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