Thursday, May 8, 2008

Me and The Girls

I had intended to take a photo of the boys leaving for the camping/fishing trip today, but forgot. Then I was going to take a picture of me and the girls being bad, but I forgot! So, essentially, no photo today!

So how bad were we?

We went shopping for Mikensee's Fancy Pancy Pets. We hit Joanne's, Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart (Twice!). We did our Costco run in preparation for me to cook myself Mother's Day dinner, and we ate at Carraba's! We had Calamari and Mikensee and I shared a yummy chicken dinner with an extra side of garlic mashed potatoes! Jessica had Cheese Ravioli and she devoured them! We ate until stuffed and then made our 2nd run on Wal-Mart where we each bought the ice-cream we wanted. Jessica got Bubble Yum (oh joy), Mikensee got Cookies and Cream and I bought Strawberry Cheesecake. . . We were still too full to have any tonight, but maybe for breakfast??!!?? Now I'm going to be ULTRA BAD and watch 27 Dresses that I picked up at Blockbuster on our last stop before coming home!

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