Friday, May 16, 2008

And a litter makes???

We have no idea! Don't look if you are at all squeamish. . .

We think we now have 13 or 14, but there are sooooooo many! We thought we only had 1 mama, but now we know we have 2. . . but which 2? Bunnies are funny critters. . . they don't visibly nurse or show teats or any physical features that would tell you. . . As a matter of fact both Wilbur and Hannah look skinny today. . . we already figured out that Honey is the mother of the 1st and 2nd litters, but it's anyones guess right now if Wilbur is a she or Hannah is a he. We're hoping to figure it out soon so we can move the "he" and end the madness, but for now, we have a bunch of bunnies!

We knew on Tuesday night that someone was about to have babies because the nest was full of fur. Rabbits pull out their fur and make a nest before they have their babies. Sure enough Wednesday morning we had 7 babies. Mom went out to check on the new youngsters this morning and they were all doing fine. She treated the adults (and Petunia) to some fresh greens and went out to check on them again about 1, but the first thing she saw was a lot of blood. . . she thought for sure they were eating the babies and she was very mad! But on closer inspection there was a ton more hair and many more baby bunnies. . . Only one problem. . .which babies are which? They are all about the same size and appear to have similar coloring. . . Oh my! Hopefully both mothers will tend to them as 13 (14) is enough to drive any mother mad!

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