Friday, May 9, 2008

Addicted to Shoes

The boys in the house are gone, so what are the girls to do? Organize shoes of course! Mom never would have thought she had a shoe fetish, but this photo proves it. We didn't count how many pairs, we just cleaned the shelves, organized and put them back. Actually she threw out 10 pairs. Why would mom have this many shoes? Perhaps it goes back to her childhood when she had to wear her UNCLE Jeff's hand-me-down tennis shoes (she still hates tennis shoes) or the fact that her size 11-12 sled shoes cost so much that one pair per season was all her parents could afford and so they were worn to a pulp and despised by the time a new pair came around. Either way, she doesn't spend a lot on shoes, but she doesn't out grow them anymore either! How is it that everytime she gets dressed she can't find a pair to match?

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