Saturday, May 10, 2008

Not as Expected (Well Sort Of). . .

Look what the dad drug in bright and early this AM (like 12:02!):

So much for Mom's Saturday off! Had she have known that she wasn't going to get it she would have planned her Friday a lot differently and instead of doing 5 history lessons with Jessica, she would have worked on her never ending list of projects! Sadly she knew that her boys probably wouldn't make it, but she did have high hopes. Dad was certain she was wrong, but apparently Dad started listening to the boys ask for her THURSDAY night and it never stopped. He finally gave up, packed up and came home. Of course when he called Mom he told her that he just knew the boys were sick, but the only sick they were was HOMESICK! Happy Mother's Day to Mom! It's okay though because she knows that the day will come, probably sooner than she wants, when they won't want to be around her anymore. Do you see how tired they were?

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