Friday, June 13, 2008

Ribbons are good!

Today was our first swim meet of the 2008 swim season. Our trip to Balboa made them miss the first two meets. The kids did great! Mikensee got 2nd in the Breast Stroke for her heat and 4th in the Butterfly. In the heat prior the 1st place winner swam the 50 in 1.01. Mikensee's time was .57. Wyatt and Walker both did great. Wyatt can't stop smiling which explains why his brother got 1st and he got 3rd. He stops swimming to come up and smile after every few strokes. He was in a clear lead half way through the 25, but I guess all the cheering was just too much and he had to smile for all of his adoring fans. Walker gloated (a lot) about winning that heat. It's just too funny because they are the absolute youngest and smallest on our team and from what I hear the other teams youngest are almost 6. Jessica didn't fare as well in the ribbon department, although she did get 2nd in one heat. She did receive many comments on how fast she is. She was in a couple of losing medley's, but she really made up a lot of time for her team both times she swam. It was long. . . 4-9PM, but we had a great time. All in all I want the kids to race against their personal best and if you get a ribbon, that's good. Hopefully they will collect one in every color. :)

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