Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's a Small World After All

So at only 22 minutes away on a rather cold CA day, we headed for Disneyland. While this was not on our itinerary, Buzz remodeled the house and lets just say it isn't particularly kid/family friendly. It's mostly designed for the "adult set." As a result sitting in the house and doing nothing (like playing games or watching movies--which we were prepare for) was out of the question. We made the most of our day arriving at about 10AM and leaving the parking garage at a respectful 12:10 AM. The kids did amazingly well and lets just say it was the real let your hair down fun we've had as a family since Jessica was born. All the kids walked and rode and laughed and we had an amazing time! Before you think how can I say this is the only "real fun" we've had since Jessica was born I need to qualify the statement with this: Having little kids/babies is fun, but it is also very hard. When you're the mom all the responsibility and sacrifice rests squarely on your shoulders. Before Jessica, Mikensee was almost 6 and was an amazingly mature child. We traveled together a lot and she was an only. We went from that to having a hard baby (Jessica) and then to losing Lillie and on to having 2 preemie twins. I have not really had the ability to let my hair down and just have fun for quite some time. At Disneyland today we were just a family having fun, no strings attached. Did we have moments of tantrum? Yes. Did I have to carry more than my fair share of the load? Yes. But comparing the whole of the last almost 6 years, it was a cake walk. We all just hung together. No strollers, diaper changes or carrying kids. Thank heaven for a great day at Disneyland!

P.S. We never hit main street, saw the parade, any shows or many characters. We didn't do "Fantasy land" where all the kiddie rides are. Jessica, Wyatt, Walker and Dad all went on Splash Mountain together (which was Jessica's favorite ride.) We rode Thunder Mountain 3 times (Mikensee, Wyatt and Walker's favorite ride.) We hit Space Mountain (Mom and Dad's favorite ride), The Haunted Mansion, Toon Town, Pirates of the Caribbean (twice) and just about everything in between. We didn't make Finding Nemo (2 hour wait) or the Matterhorn (we just never made it), but we did make the best of the entire day!

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