Sunday, June 1, 2008

May 30-June 1st

May 30th was my first class of the 2008-2009 registration year. Frankly I cleaned like a mad woman, finished up the class prep and dropped into bed about 1AM (this after sleeping from about 4-8AM.) Some friends asked to use our pool so the kids were entertained, but nonetheless with the exception of my Card Box Project, no photos were snapped today!

May 31st I organized my closet and the entire media/school room plus washed all the sheets and laundry in the house. I also cleaned the patio and the picture windows and french doors. I showered about 11 PM. . . no photos were snapped today!

June 1st we went to church where Wyatt and Walker gave the primary scripture and said the prayer. Walker quoted the First Article of Faith, "We believe in God, the Eternal Father and in his son Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost." Jessica gave this talk:

We’ve all heard and often say these things:

What would Jesus do?

If the Savior stood beside me?

CTR or Choose The Right!

Do unto others as you would have others do to you.

Kindness begins with me.

We all say these things, but do we stop to think about them when we choose to do the things we do?

Your mom asks you to do your chores. Do you gladly say, okay Mom? Like you would if the Savior stood beside you?

Your sister accidentally knocks you over. Do you push her back and say “Watch it, big dummy?” or do you think what would I want her to do to me?

You see a child at the playground being picked on. Do you pick on him too or do you stop to think “Kindness begins with me?”

You find some money on the floor. Do you immediately CTR and find out who the owner is?

You just finished a great pop-sickle. Do you find a trash and throw it away. Or you see someone else throw their gum wrapper on the floor in the chapel, do you just walk by it or pick it up to keep our Father’s house and world clean and neat?

I know that I want to do what Jesus would do, but I have to stop just thinking about these things and start doing them. I know that I will be happier if I make good choices each day. I will be a better example to my friends and help others come unto Christ if I live the gospel that I believe.

I pray that we will all think more about how we act and the choices we make. I want to live each day like the Savior stands beside me because he does. John 8:12 says “He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.”

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

We frantically packed and drove to California. We arrived at the house on Balboa Island about 1AM. What a day!

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