Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wyatt's Christmas List

Wyatt is just in love with Christmas. . . or rather the idea of getting everything he wants! On his list so far;
  • Flying Shoes
  • Remote Control Plane, Car, Space Ship, Helicopter
  • Bow and Arrow with REAL Quiver
  • Sticky Gun
  • Snow Board
  • etc., etc.,
He has made a drawing of each and every item AND a letter to Santa. He does not want to be forgotten!!! He's making my holidays bright, but I am a bit worried about how he'll react to not getting all of his wants met! :)

1 comment:

Sharli said...

ahhhh. I know what you mean.

I think the important thing here is to help him feel like he is contributing to the celebration. Help him be special with something that he gives to someone else. Something from his heart, not requiring an outlay of money. Maybe understanding that he doesn't have a lot of cash around to spend on a lot of extravagant gifts will translate into "lower expectations"?

Your children are all so precious - I'm sure it will work out. They are this way because you are this way.