Friday, February 5, 2010

Responsible is a HUGE Word

This morning I spent some time in my room reading. . . Friday's the kids do not have school and although I was awake at my usual time I did not feel like getting up. I spent an extra hour feeling my sheets and snuggling with Wyatt who crawled into bed in the wee hours of morning. I was catching up on my Ensign and reading my Sunday School and Relief Society lessons for the coming week when Jessica wanted to make breakfast at about 7:30. I told her that was fine if she could act responsibly. Those of you who know Jessica well know that responsibility doesn't come easily. Still I wasn't prepared for what I found at 8:30! I asked her if she thought the mess I found was responsible. . . her reply "Mom, responsible is a huge word."

I didn't think to catch a photo of the before, but this is the after. . . Seeing as they have a mop bucket out I'm sure you can use your imagination. Fortunately for me they had a good attitude even though I probably wasn't as nice as I should have been about the mess in the first place. . . Note to self; don't let Jessica make breakfast alone again for a long, long time. . .appreciate the fact that they did actually try to clean up the mess and had some fun while doing it!

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